We believe in Cooperation and Partnerships to multiply the effect of our work in these communities. We don't pretend to know all and certainly don't have the funds to implement all the changes we would like to see. However, we love and understand the power of working together. In line with SDG 17, "goals can only be met if we work together. International investments and support is needed to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade and market access, especially for developing countries. To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative"


Here's how we have been Partnering for Change:

In 2014, we identified a high level of teen pregnancies in high school girls. It was decided that through sexual education, we could empower these ladies and promote school attendance and increase the rate of graduating students. (Which is currently at 14-16%).
Thus in 2015, we partnered with British Non-Profit Marie Stopes, to empower women in the Yucatan Region. We worked alongside professionals Barbara Perez and Diana Ballinas to give sexual education workshops to the high school students of COBAY and women empowerment workshops for local community leaders. We hope the training of local professors will allow us to give continuity to these programs in the community. 
We also held training workshops for 30 midwives from many villages around the Yucatan. Midwives attend an average of 6 births a year. In Mexico, 50% of maternal deaths in rural zones are the result of obstetric emergencies. Hospitals that can provide appropriate care are too far away. This is why the service provided by these rural midwives is indispensable. 

We have continued Sexual Education workshops in the subsequent years serving the local Junio High and High Schools partnering with local NGO VIFAC's trained professional Cristina Castaldi.  

Fundacion Legorreta-Hernandez, partnered during Mentorship week providing training to aspiring scholarship candidates. They also brought along role models and success stories that are a great motivation to our high school students. Lastly, based on our joint collaboration, in 2015 Fundacion Legorreta-Hernandez sponsored with full tuition and living expenses, 2 of Fundacion Cielo's mentees class of 2015.  

In 2016, we welcomed Amigos de Las
Americas  to the Fundación Cielo family.  Currently, they have groups stationed in 9 Latin American countries. They have placed groups of students in Teabo, Chumayel and Mani generating productive projects in partnership with Cielo Hammocks our sister for-profit organization. We share a similar philosophy and objectives and we hope our  work together will continue bring success to the communities. 

In 2017, we initiated our partnership with Impulso Universitario, a local non-profit that provides scholarships to students in the Yucatán and offers resources and coaching to the recipients throughout their time in university. Coaching skills include, leadership skills, presentation skills, English, which we believe are a key component to the profesional success of our candidates. 

In 2018, we launched a partnership with Seeds of Learning , a non-profit organization dedicated to better the educational opportunities in rural Latin America . This summer we are hosting almost 100 volunteers in the mayan villages where our weavers live. During their time in the Yucatan, volunteers  worked with local children and youth. Projects include community work, activities with the children as well as a cultural experience between the visitors and the locals. 


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Join us, with your help we'll be able to keep these programs replicate in more communities.


Be part of the change...