Join us, be part of the change

We run a 6 to 10 week summer program in Yucatan with University age students. 

Our interns typically run a range of programs from Education to Preventive health and Environment conservation. We generally work in the communities of Chumayel and Teabo attracting participants from neighboring villages as well.  

The purpose of the activities is to provide an educational experience in a fun environment.  Many children stop attending school after elementary school because their families cannot afford the books, uniforms, and transportation that they need.   The children that are fortunate enough to continue to attend school are usually not provided with a quality education.  Most of the schools in the communities we work in are overcrowded and have a severe lack of resources.  Many times even if families can afford to send their children to University, their children cannot pass the Admission exams.

For instance, during our Children's Activities, we teach a variety of subjects.  The children have the opportunity to practice their math, creative writing, and art skills as well as learn about the environment, health and community resources.  We also play sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and field games.  Our hope is that these activities provide a helpful supplement to the children's school studies and encourage them to continue their education. 

The Arts unfortunately play little part in Mexican public education. 
We know that artists and designers will be the the drivers of #innovation in the future #STEAM. Thus, we host local artists every year to give children the opportunity to explore their inner artist.