comMunity center- 


Fundacion Cielo has been working with the generous collaboration of the Municipalities of Teabo and Chumayel in the last few years. They have shared with us their facilities such as auditorium, classrooms, library, sporting facilities, etc. However, it's been a long standing dream to have our own facilities in the Municipality of Teabo. 
Fundacion Cielo has received approval from the community to build a Community Center at the old water tank or Algibe. The water tank
as been abandoned for over 40 years. We are excited to be working with renowned architect Seijo Peon, specializing in sustainability and finding new uses for existing structures. His firm has worked pro bono designing and elaborating the plans for the reuse of the water tank into a Community Center. See presentation. 

For the last few
years we've been working on raising funds to begin the construction of Fundacion Cielo's Community Center. We have received the generous support of Javier Ortiz de Artinano Goni, a Spanish national with a generous heart and a desire to help those in need and Mark Rueff, a US citizen with deep love for the Yucatan and their people. Thus far, we've raised US$12,000. We still need to raise an additional $38,000 to complete the first stage of our goal. 

Join us, become the change ...