mentorship program-



Our workshop kicks starts with Mentor matching dynamic. It resembles a Speed-dating activity, whereby we sit on one row teenage Students and University Students on the row across. We instruct them first on general questions and invite both sides to also generate their own questions for their counterpart. We allow a 5min chat between the two parties before the teenage students move to their next mentor. We've received incredible feedback on this activity from both sides. We develop leadership skills on the still young University Students and generate a lot of interest from the teenage students into pursuing an undergrad degree. 
By the end of the one week program, the students identify which Universities they are interested in attending, what resources they need in order to continue their education, and how they will attain those resources.  Our Summer interns run the long week of programs in the community. Activities include a College Fair where all the neighboring public and private universities come to present their programs, facilities and financial aid services. We collaborate with Universidad Privada de la Península, Centro Educativo Rodríguez Tamayo, UT Regional del Sur, and Instituto Tecnológico Superior del Sur del Estado de Yucatán (ITSSY). 

Fundacion Cielo offers a handful of scholarships every year to the most outstanding young ladies in the region. We have partnered in the last few years with Impulso Universitario to administer the scholarship.

Our flagship summer event is our Mentorship Week. The main goal is to inspire teenagers in the importance of higher education. During a full week we run workshops, a College Fair and conferences for all junior high and high school students in the neighboring villages. Workshops include pairing teenage students with nearby University students in order to provide role models and answer basic questions.