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Class of 2020


Empower women through Education. Help us reach our goal of sponsoring 25 young ladies continue their Bachelor's degree. Every penny counts!



The GIRL effect program is an initiative that provides young women from the Yucatan the chance to continue their bachelor's degree. We give them the opportunity to have a professional development, decrease the economic gap, and empower them to make choices that allow them to break the poverty cycle in their communities.   


We strongly believe that investing in girl's education is the best way to achieve sustainable development.


Each year CIELO Foundation selects outstanding young ladies in extreme poverty to be awarded scholarhsips. The scholarship includes tuition and transportation expenses for the length of their studies. It also includes by-weekly coaching and training via Impulso Universitario our partner organization. Lastly, Cielo Foundation is also working to match our scholars with mentors. We believe this will ensure, upon graduation, our girls will be best equipped to take on their dreams and profesional aspirations.  

Each scholarship has a $850.00 USD value per year. The beneficiaries are carefully chosen according to their academic performance and economic need.


We invite you to get to know our scholars, their motivations and dreams, and collaborate with us, make a difference.  





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